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Redfish Pendant (Solid Gold)

Sale price$899.99




One of the more popular game fish on the east coast, the redfish is a favorite to many due to being fun and accessible to catch. With a distinctive scale pattern and an epoxy-filled spot, the Redfish Necklace by Castil is a popular gift for all anglers. 

- Made out of 14k or 18k Gold
- Completely solid, heavy, and double-sided.
- Black Spot made of black epoxy, does not fade away.
- Pendant Only.

Approximate Weights:

Small: 7.5 grams in 14k Gold/ 8.7 grams in 18k Gold
Standard: 18.1 grams in 14k Gold/ 21.1 grams in 18k Gold

solid 14k gold redfish pendant by Castil
Redfish Pendant (Solid Gold) Sale price$899.99